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01. Taking a cue from Mindy Kaling, I'm thinking of donating to a charity for my birthday. At first I was thinking of donating to the Red Cross or Planned Parenthood or WWF, but I'm willing to donate to smaller charities - particularly Women/Youth/LGBT Shelters or other worthwhile causes I haven't even heard of. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO PITCH YOUR PERSONAL CAUSE THAT IS CLOSE TO YOUR HEART (note: this isn't going to be a big donation by any stretch but I feel like it's time for me to give back after years of being privileged enough to get presents my whole life).

02. So my friends brought up today the comments on and how their minds are blown by the opinions of idiots and prejudices ect. My thoughts: 1)never read the comments, 2)how are you shocked? These are the people who voted in a Harper-led Conservative government. These are the people who voted Rob Ford in as mayor of Toronto. They exist, they're vocal and we can't ignore them just to keep this outdated image of our country.

Disillusionment in our 'great' nation is the only safety net against rage bombs. Not to say people should be apathetic, but if we are less surprised when we are disappointed, (WHA? CANADA IS NOT PERFECT? IMPOSSIBLE! I will spend all my time yelling about this and whose problem it is instead of talking about the real issue you've brought up!) then we might actually be willing to do something to fix our nation. Something can only be fixed if people acknowledge that it's broken and Canada's certainly not without flaws.

...uh, and on that wonderfully positive note: happy belated 145th birthday, Canada! I hope we fix you up real soon!

03. They are making a Maleficent movie (!!) and I am ecstatic about this due to a childhood love affair where I had a striped staff with a snake head at the grip and role played as the evil queen and wrote out a play in large print in one of those old school notebooks. I even read it out loud to my family and they were kind enough to humour me. I also hear that Disney is working on a twelfth princess movie that is supposed to be based on The Snow Queen, a fairy tale I'm not overly familiar with except for staring at the beautiful illustrations on a copy I once had as a kid. Although it appears that they are making a bunch of changes so it's only very loosely based on the real story. Either way - yay more princesses and villians and ladies in general!

04. coming up next - my monthly roundup of june! (got too long for this entry)


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