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recs: yultide fic, 2010 edition

I know it's really late, but better late than never, right? Also, this is not a final list. I'm still reading (slowly) but here are some gems that jumped out at me.

Kind of a bare bones format here because if I had to include reasons/quotes this would NEVER get posted. Luckily, the archive stops you if there are any warnings I may have forgotten about although most of my favourite types of fic are friendship/gen so there shouldn't be any problems.

Growing Up by cendri - Lucky Number Slevin (Goodkat, young!Slevin)

Moonbounce by sunsetglow - Parks and Rec (Leslie, Ann)

That Common Consolation by Zara Hemla - Fringe (Peter, Olivia)

The Second Chorus' Melody by maidenjedi - Kill Bill (BB Kiddo, Nikki Greene, Sofie Fatale)

The Itch by srslypau - Jennifer's Body (Needy, Jennifer)

Sandbox Love by ohvienna - Jennifer's Body (Needy, Jennifer)

songs inside the fog inside the world by daygloparker - Greek Mythology (Andromeda)

Spinning Fate by Selena - Greek Mythology (Arachne, Prometheus, Niobe)

The First Place by Lisztful - Greek Mythology (Hera)

A Future, No Future At All by musamihi - Greek Mythology (Cassandra, Apollo, Artemis)

coltan feathers, mechanical wings by zeldadestry - Sarah Connor Chronicles (Cameron)

We'll Make It a Joint Venture by neko_chelle - Up (Russel, Dug, Kevin, Mr. Fredrickson)

faded from the winter by VegaOfTheLyre - Anastasia (young!Demetri, young!Anastasia)

Claimed Spaces by Ninamazing - Harriet the Spy (older!Harriet)

This last fic isn't from Yuletide but it's a FANTASTIC piece of writing that everyone should read. It's the type of fic that makes you THINK and makes me feel honoured to know the author personally.

Compromise by hjea - Legend of the Seeker (Richard/Kahlan)

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