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noblealice ([personal profile] noblealice) wrote2012-07-23 10:24 pm

"Would you like me to demonstrate my manhood by accompanying you into this obvious trap?"

I may or may not have marathoned all aired episodes of Teen Wolf. Also, I may or may not have really enjoyed it?

The pilot episode made me think that it would be like JAKE LONG: AMERICAN DRAGON, because you've got the boy who turns into an animal, has a geeky best friend (whose name "Spud" is really a nickname of his last name "Spudinski") and a forbidden girlfriend who just moved into town and whose family hunts his kind. ONLY DIFFERENCE: TEEN WOLF IS MISSING TRIXIE (MY LOVE).

In the pilot episode, I really thought that this unnamed student was going to be the show's Trixie, but alas, she is never seen again. LE SIGH. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL, ECT.

It's hard to watch a show about teen supernaturals and not compare it to the two other CW shows that are similar. In some places it's better, in other areas it's disappointedly the same. I mean, I really enjoy Scott's doofy confusion (his mom buys all the groceries) and his reluctant heroism that turns into full-blown SAVE EVERYBODY heroism. I also like his relationship with Allison because she is his anchor. She is his everything. He can pick out her heartbeat from across campus and thinking of her stops his transformation. I like Stiles as Scott's best friend and the person who does the required googling/research into werewolves ("You're my best friend, you're a creature of the night, it's kind of like a priority of mine").

I looooove Lydia, the seemingly vapid popular girl who is actually genius-level smart. I just....I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TELL HER WHAT'S GOING ON! It's like in The Vampire Diaries, when no-one would tell Jenna or Jeremy anything, so they kept inviting strangers in. And people kept Caroline in the dark until they had no choice but to explain what happened. Having Lydia know would keep her safe and better able to protect herself!

I haven't ventured into fandom at large (just my tumblr dash) and it seems like I should stay away because Stiles/Derek is the biggest ship. (HOW???) It seems that fandom never evolves and elevates two white dudes fucking above the canon gay character, even though the characters involved make death threats against one another.

Although I feel like the show doesn't necessarily queer-bait Stiles/Derek to the same degree as Dean/Cas or Dean/Sam. I feel that MTV and the cast (perhaps on MTV's directions) do most of the queer-baiting. It just feels cheap and pandering. The show should be better than this! THEY HAVE A CANON GAY CHARACTER! Why not just give Danny more screentime/give his boyfriends actual names and personalities!

Stiles is hard for me to pin down. Not the character, I understand his motives pretty well, because he gets a lot of screentime. No, I mean my feelings towards him. When marathoning a show it becomes a blur and you don't have a week to process each episode. So you forget things and it was only after reading some Stiles meta today that highlighted the major consent issues he just ignores. He's meant to be the comic relief but because he's a teenage male the show defaults to Xander-ing him.

All that said - I still half-ship Stiles/Lydia. In a future-ish way. I dunno, I like goofy dudes who worship the lady they adore. And I think they are cute and I think that if he matured, they'd work out. Despite having a crush on Lydia since third grade, Stiles still sees her as human and she's not on a pedestal for him, but this means that he can also be quite harsh - like jokingly calling her cold and lifeless. TO HER FACE. AT PROM.

But I personally feel like his 'obsession' does have roots in how Lydia feels. When none of her friends seem to notice her, Stiles at least asks what's wrong. Now, just because Stiles is perceptive and notices more things about Lydia/stays by her bed all night/ect. does not mean that he DESERVES her affection. I'm not trying to be that shipper. She doesn't owe him anything. But I'd be fine if they had an honest conversation and maybe became friends for awhile before exploring anything romantic.

So, that's how I spent my weekend. How did you spend yours?