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I attempted to make Sangria for the first time - with a recipe I pretty much made up as I went because I'm trying to re-create the drink I had at a restaurant in Montreal.

1 bottle (750 ml) white wine
½ can frozen lemonade concentrate (I used limeade because my grocery store had sold out)
½ cup light rum
½ cup melon liqueur
2 cups watermelon/melon (peeled, seeded & cubed)
3 kiwi fruits (peeled & sliced)
2 cups lime cordial
2 cups lemon/lime soda (sprite)

In a large pitcher, combine wine, lemonade concentrate, rum, melon liqueur. Dice watermelon, kiwi and any there fruits you want to add to the sangria. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Five minutes before serving, add 2 cups of lemon-lime soda. Use fruit to garnish.

What I was attempting:

What I made:

Presentation: 3/5
I would strain it next time of fruit pulp/pieces and try to find cherries for garnish

Taste: 5/5
Very similar, a bit hit! I added a bit more soda to my cup because I like fizz, but everyone else approved which made me tres proud/happy.
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I love sangria. I think SanFran plans must definitely include sangria. :D

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I have only recently been introduced to this fruity wine-drink from the gods, but my love is strong and will most likely last.
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Guuurl. You been missing out. ;D

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Mmmmmmm!!! I've only ever had red wine sangria, but that looks so good. Gotta try it :F