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"I feel I should tell you that I don't regret this, but I both rue and lament it."


(this is where I would link you to this meme of years past....except I can't find it in any entry. Maybe I've never done this meme before and it just seems familiar because I've seen it on my flist?)

01. Looking back, did you write more or less fic than you thought you would this year?:
I thought I'd write more, but I wrote only one more fic than lat year (23 in 2009 and 22 in 2008). Although I did write less fics that were in response to a challenge with a solid deadline, meaning that I only posted things when I wanted to, not when I had to.

02. What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?:
Legend of the Seeker! I didn't even know of the show then and now I've written about a dozen stories for it. Oh, and Smallville. I never even watched that show before this year. But Lois Lane really knocked me over the head.

03. What's your own favourite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?:
I feel like I can never answer this question properly, I don't always love the finished products, but I try not to start a fic I don't love the idea of.So that this is not a lame cop-out answer, I will say my first Seeker fic, tangled symmetry, which is about Richard interrupting Kahlan pleasuring herself.

04. Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?:
I have discovered I have a secret kink for pregnancy and baby fics? WHAT IS THAT?! I also wrote RPF, which is scary to post. I think I had everything written in the text box for five minutes before I was brave enough to click the 'post' button. Another first for me was writing a very explicit M/M slash fic. I don't even read M/M slash so it was a bit hard (or many blowjob fics for that matter, so I didn't really have a reference to work from). I hope that it ended up fine for the person requesting it, but I'm unsure. I don't know if I will try to write more slash in the future, I felt so disconnected from it so I think it made my writing stilting and hesitant.

05. Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?:
I feel like this coming year will be the Year of Femslash. I've dabbled in it, but I'd really like to try harder at it. And I have so many pretty couples to choose from now!! ALSO. I. NEED. TO. GET. THINGS. BETA'D. *stern glare at self*

06. From my past year of writing, what was...

My Best Story:

Umm...when the thunder hits the ground (John, Savannah) perhaps? Or else between passion and power (Kahlan, Rahl). Both took AGES to write and deal with unconventional pairings/weird AU-alternate time periods. There is a lot of unease as people are uncertain in this new future (I think I even called one fic 'a long hostile conversation' in the summary). Despite the lack of plot/fluff/conventional ship (or maybe because of the weird ship) in both fics, I think they both have areas of good writing. Although now, after having time to process them a bit more, I think I'd clean them both up a bit, maybe try to make each a little less confusing/vague. But, what are ya gonna do, right? That's life.

Most Proud of:
Either connection (kahlan/everyone) or cold cracks (john/the women in his life), both of which are in the 5 things formula. Coincidence?....uh, I have no idea, actually. But I just really like how there are five vignettes exploring many different character's interactions with the main character and how everyone has a different relationship with Kahlan/John Connor. (Both of whom are characters I love)

Story Most Under-appreciated by the Universe:
The Smallville fandom seems to consist of either Clark/Lex fans or Chloe/OMC fans. There is a small Clark/Lois group of fans, but since study of a betrayal is a gen Lois story, it didn't find a place and no one cared at all. I could get all 'woe is me' about the lack of Lois and Chloe friendship fic because they are awesome cousins, but it's FANDOM's loss, not mine. (Note: Garth is another under-represented character who is HILARIOUS and needs more love)

Most Fun:
BABY!FIC BABY!FIC BABY!FIC Sometimes I feel shame concerning the fact that I wrote make our own magic (kahlan/richard), but other times I just feel so giddy over the mental image of Richard with a baby on his hip. HE LOVES KIDDIES SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN HIS OWN. IMAGINE HOW GIGGLY HE WOULD BE WITH KAHLAN!KIDS *melts into a puddle of goo*

Most Disappointing:
I had such great plans for so don't forget what I told you, but in the end I realized that I was just copying the cliche of Lois getting injured and that causes Clark to realize he has feelings for her. I think I should leave the serious angst to the professionals. Also: I wanted children keep on crying for peace to be so much longer and actually show Sarah, Savannah and Ellison living in the world without John. But since the drabble-sized ficlet itself is a rejected scene from another fic, you can guess how that went.

Most Sexy:
Lol, all of the contenders for this category were Seeker fics. I didn't write anything else with a higher rating (for sex and not violence/swearing) in any other fandom. Meet my one track mind! I'm gonna go with amplified, the drabble where Kahlan's blindfolded and bound and she has to reply on her other senses to tell her where Richard is, what he's doing. I was going for a very tactile sensation here as Kahlan must become super aware of her skin and Richard's skin and where they meet and what that feeling is doing to her. Warning: there is a cockblock before the good stuff happens, but I love this fic all the same. OH, YOU TWO, JUST MAKE BABIES ALREADY!

Hardest to Write:
I think I had the idea behind five times quil was there for claire (and one time he wasn't) in 2007 when Quil imprinting on Claire was mentioned in Eclipse. But I had to think about it. This would be my first time writing for a COC that had never really been described except in passing and never had any lines. On top of all that, I was making her gay. I didn't want to offend anyone so I took a long time thinking and researching and reading. I looked into the Quileute tribe and then did my best to imagine what it would feel like to come out as a lesbian in a small community that has held onto its traditions (without mentioning magic or werewolves or anything like that). Plus the fact that EVERYONE (including the reader) knows what Quil is and his connection to Claire EXCEPT for Claire herself. I'm still a little afraid that someone is going to leave me a flaming comment about this fic. (Which is probably what most white writers fear when writing a COC, but it was a good experience, one I want to try again and I hope other white writers try writing outside their comfort zones with COCs since they are vastly underrepresented in fandom).

Most Unintentionally Telling:
In the fic made of paper and glue Lois delivers a rant about the dying print media industry and oh, what's that? It could be verbatim quotes of my angry professors from my old journalism courses? Hmm, wonder how that happened!?

Choice Lines:

“He’ll look so young.” Her voice cracks on the last word, like she’s betraying herself by talking to John about him. She’s told her son that love is a weakness. Family is all we can trust, she’s repeated. John wonders how she views Kyle; which category he fits into.
- cold cracks

While one may sleep peacefully, the other must toss and turn with guilt-coloured nightmares that taste of blood.
- connection

“You used to hate when I fell asleep before finishing a story.” His words are louder now, like he's desperately trying to follow her outside with just the sound of his voice.
- sometimes we fool ourselves

they are sitting in a building of paper and glue, records lining the walls like kindling, ready to crumble into ash at the slightest provocation.

She thinks of taking a match to the whole building.

- made of paper and glue

(Have you ever had a sister? You cannot deny them this smallest of favours, this simplest of tasks. You do not know it will lead to death and pain. You respect her too much, you love her too hard. You walk out the door.

You never get to go back.)

- connection

She feels like she might explode at any second, but she has no regrets as her eyes darken like a storm.
- somewhere between passion and power

And my first dreamwidth post is a meme! So much for waiting for a proper subject for my first crosspost attempt. I hope I've made up for it with the Futurama quotes.