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The week focused mainly on Olivia as she came to grips with her fading memories, and what would happen to her as time went on. We see her using her best skill as an agent - her ability to read people. They could have wasted a night at the wife's apartment, but Olivia has an amazing ability to empathize with people and pick up on tiny cues other's might miss.

Watching the beginning-to-middle of this episode felt like watching an episode from earlier in the show. There were so many callbacks to S1 and S2 episodes with the Observer's sphere and 'be a better man than your father' and Olivia suited up in FBI gear and her beanie and Lincoln referencing her offer earlier with being there to talk (also staring a whole awful lot, mah poor bb).

So I was loving this episode with it's Nina/Olivia scene and just how casual their affection is for one another, how they really act like a mother/daughter (Nina being late on purpose to let Olive collect her thoughts ect) and although it didn't pan out on screen, Astrid doing more things out of the lab. (There was one scene where Astrid asks how Olivia is. Her stock answer is 'I'm fine' even though it's a huge lie and Jasika is an amazing actress because we can see the disbelief on her face, how she wants to push for more, but doesn't. (I kinda wish they had had a longer scene there, but that's not new).

Okay, so then the rest of the episode happened and it was....not as amazing as the beginning.

She had let go of the possibility of being in love, of finding love, and I could see myself in her and I didn't like who I was.

I just don't understand, you don't like the idea of just giving up on finding your own love and that do exactly that? That you give up on finding your own love? On trusting YOUR heart and instead just give into these memories that are not yours? It just didn't make sense to me. I thought the speech would have the opposite effect, that Olivia would fight for her life, for her memories, for NINA. I thought that the woman's speech about her husband always being her friend and helping her get over other guys and not seeing what was right in front of her, of mistaking loving someone with being in love with them would be a major Lincoln/Olivia deal (and I'm not going to be told I'm delusional - the rack focus during that scene was emphasizing them during that conversation and that was a major directorial choice and it was a misleading 'gotcha' and I'm now I'm all poutyface.)

Anyways, I didn't expect a Lincoln/Olivia kiss or anything because she still had all these broken heart feelings, but when she got out of her car, I legit thought she'd go to Lincoln's diner to get coffee and wait for him with a shy smile.

Because Lincoln never made her feel like she was inadequate. Olivia says that original-timeline Olivia is the “better version.” This isn’t a new belief. Olivia, after returning from the Other Side, was so worried about Alt-Livia being the “better version” of herself. She believed this because Alt-Livia was able to laugh and smile and give peter the girlfriend he wanted. See the common thread? Peter (inadvertently) makes Olivia feel like a failure.

Next up, Legend of Korra feels!

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