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Aha! My memory prevailed. Suck it, brain cells!

The Duke and I - Julia Quinn
The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn
Offer from a Gentleman - Julia Quinn
Romancing Mr. Bridgerton - Julia Quinn
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Philip K Dick
Cold Fire (re-read) - Kate Elliott
Heat Rises - "Rick Castle"

Wimbleton (rewatch)
Tangled (rewatch)
Prince of Persia (rewatch)
Resident Evil (rewatch)
Last Holiday (rewatch)
Attack the Block (rewatch)
In Time
The Adjustment Bureau
The Back Up Plan
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2010)

TV Shows (up to date with all):
Lost Girl
Modern Family
New Girl
Cougar Town
30 Rock
Parks and Rec
Hart of Dixie

I'm going to try to do this every month! FUCK YEAH!

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You're reading the Quinn Bridgerton series? Did you end up finishing it? I didn't like the last 2 books in the series but "When he was Wicked" is one of my all time favorite angst romances. (And I can't help but picture Welling when I think of Michael. YUM.)

If you haven't read Kleypas's stuff, you should give that a try.

Is "Lost Girl" good? I want to watch it, but I feel like I found it too late. I need to watch from Episode 1 and my On Demand only has episode 5 onwards. It may be one of those shows I have to catch up on DVD with.

Hart of Dixie -- Oohh... I don't think many people are watching that one. What are your thoughts???

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I was, I got sidetracked because my copy of Eloise's story was corrupted and I couldn't stand the angst in the beginning of Francesca's story. HER HUSBAND IS SO CUTE AND THEN HE DIES!!!!!!!! I might finish the series one day, but right now I'm reading something else.

I quite enjoy it. It's a bit campy and improves in S2 (writing-wise and acting-wise) but is just so earnest and sweet in S1. Do you know the premise? I don't want to spoil you but I find it funny and entertaining and don't take it too seriously. Also I might have a way to *ahem* procure the first couple of episodes for you.

OMG I just love Hart of Dixie and want Zoe and Wade to get together so much I have to hug a pillow when I watch the show. I just want Zoe to get over George because love triangles and infidelity storylines are two of my most hated things.

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Oh, but the angst in Francesca's story is so worth it, though. Michael Stirling is SO swoon-worthy. The way he loves her from afar and how she deals with getting over her guilt at wanting him even though she loved her husband. So many times, the romance trope is to make a widow have the most horrendous first husband, so the hero doesn't really have anything to worry about in terms of competition. In this case, Michael knows how awesome the first husband was, so it was a real conflict. That's what I love about it. Eloise's story was cute, but nothing too groundbreaking. A lot of it depends on how much you like kids in stories.

Yeah, I know the premise of "Lost Girl" -- I was interested in it because there are a lot of good paranormal romance series' out there about incubus/succubi (Larissa Ione's series comes to mind) so I thought it would be interesting to see a serial, tv version of that story. But I I realized it too late that the series had started to air already. I'm up for campy stuff - I watch "Switched at Birth" and quite enjoy it.

I would love to see Wade/Zoe hook up, too. Although it would be nice to see him grow up a little and to see that he has higher aspirations in life, or else I can't see them being an HEA couple. (Like, let's say he ends up owning the bar where he works or something.) I also need her to get over George. But, oh my God, I hate Lemon with the passion of a thousand suns. She's annoying at the level that Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan used to be annoying.

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I guess I need to be in the right mood for angst. Sometimes I love the unrequited 'loving from a distance' trope and other times I just want a couple who likes each other and is nice to one another. YAY ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS!

I'd never heard of a succubus story before Lost Girl and I like that they have a pansexual woman as the lead of her own story and in control of her sexuality. It's very sex-positive in that she's never shamed for her desires. Plus her most stable and important relationship on the show is with her female best friend!!! I think it's campy more in the Legend of the Seeker, we have magic and swords-way.

Re:Zoe/Wade, I totally agree. I guess I'm short sighted and just want them to hook up because it'd be hot. But if they were to have any sort of shot at being a real couple there would have to be changes.

I like Lemon when her defenses are down and when she's shown to be human. I think that 90% of the time she's wearing a mask and she's so afraid to take it off. I find her sad because she's so repressed and has such high expectations for herself and for her whole life thought that if she were just a little bit better than maybe her mom would come back. That would do a doozy on anyone. So I understand where she comes from, but I only really like her for very brief moments.

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OK, wait - you just compared "Lost Girl" to "Legend of the Seeker" -- I must watch this show!!!! I loved "LotS" and I still mourn it's cancellation.