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as soon as i finished this i thought of about three ships i'd forgotten

Shipping meme from asweetdownfall

01. Lizzie/Darcy (Lizzie Bennet Diaries)
02. Clint/Natasha (Avengers)
03. Nathan/Audrey (Haven)
04. Robin/Marian (BBC's Robin Hood)
05. Ben/Leslie (Parks and Recreation)
07. Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)
08. Richard/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
09. John/Cameron (T:SCC)
10. Nine/Rose (Doctor Who)

1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5? (Ben/Leslie)
YES. Very vividly. It's the episode where Ben and Leslie are trying to get the cops to offer their services for free for the Harvest Festival and Ben is SO AWKWARD and tries to make a joke about calzones and is a little overly curious in Leslie's past dating life and is just trying so hard to be seen as someone who CONTRIBUTES instead of cutting something because he wants Leslie to like him and she's not there yet, not remotely, but he is and as they leave her office to go grab dinner he gives this LOOK to the camera and it's like we've caught him out and he's asking us to keep his secret, to 'be cool' about it because he really likes her and he's in so deep and he was legit worried when she joked around about hating him (I got the sense that if she had been serious, Ben would have respected her and left her totally alone after that - luckily she was just joking) and HIS FAAAAAACE when she tells him it was just a joke, OMG HE IS JUST SO RELIEVED. And he looks at the camera/audience like 'don't spill my secret, please'. So, yeah. That's when I first shipped Ben/Leslie.

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about 2? (Clint/Natasha)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha [gasp of air] ahahahahahahahahahahahaha....oh, you're serious? Uh, I may have, uh, read, one or two....hundred. No big deal. Not like I've got them categorized or obsessively check the tag for new fic or anything. Not like I have strict guidelines for babyfic and close a window if something conflicts with my headcanon (or if Bucky shows up - THAT'S A DEALBREAKER). I guess I read so much fic because I looooove the Black Widow character and the hints at her past (and past back story with Clint) were too teasing and I needed more. Maybe if there had been more interaction between them in the movie, I wouldn't need nearly as much fic, but as it is, I left the theatre with giant grabby hands. There are just so many blanks to be filled in with fic!

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr? (Robin/Marian)
Yes, I think it involved snow patrol lyrics and screencaps from season 1, which will always be my FAVOURITE season (and I kinda hate the end of S2 not just for obvious reasons but because it takes away from the emotional impact of the S1 finale where Marian ~died. It was sort of like 'again? really? think of something new! Don't detract from one of my favourite scenes of a television show!' I mean, when Marian ~dies the first time, Robin goes BESERK. He's been emotionally compromised and you see it because he starts shooting to KILL instead of merely to wound. Then he pushes everyone away, alienating Much by being almost unforgivably mean and it's all in reaction to Marian's ~death and upcoming wedding, which is essentially another death - this time it will kill any chance of a future for them. When Marian dies in S2 we see that Robin has matured from the hot-headed boy he was. He does his best to comfort Marian. He is logical and practical when it comes to the aftermath. And I respect that his character has grown, but for purely emotional reasons: S1 > S2 in my opinion.) Anyways, it was this wallpaper and I still quite like it, which is WEIRD for me because I usually hate anything that I've made that is older than 6 months.

4. If 7 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be? (Ned/Chuck)
Disbelief. Or maybe it was all a hoax to lure a killer out into the open? I just can't picture either of them leaving the other. When it first aired I remember being sad that Chuck's one big adventure led to her death and she never got to see the world like she wanted. And then, even with her second chance, she's still in the same town she grew up in. There's a moment in S2 when Chuck is upset at the realization that she is not dead and not alive, but somewhere in between. She's just stuck and absolutely alone and she's not sure she can go on. Upon hearing that, Ned furrows his brow so intensely as he asks, "Are you saying you want me to touch you again?" And of course they are interrupted, but that line wouldn't leave my head. It wasn't until years after the show was off the air that I saw some gifsets that I realised that Chuck doesn't have to travel the world to get out and interact with it. She solves mysteries and talks to new, interesting people every day. AND SHE LOVES IT. SHE LOVES IT SO MUCH. I mean, she could leave at any moment, but even when she found out about her father, she didn't leave town. She loves the adventures that she has with Ned and Olive and Emerson. She doesn't need to travel the world - she's living the fulfilling life with purpose that she always dreamt of and that makes me so happy that she was able to discover a new found family AND reconnect with her old family at the very end. I think that the Chuck at the end of the series was the furthest thing from alone, she was so loved and it's the best possible ending for her character (in the time provided).

5. Why is 1 so important? (Lizzie/Darcy)
I would say that it's important to show a modern romance where Person A makes Person B a better person just by being with them (and vice versa) - there is no forceful change, just that they see their flaws reflected back at them and decide independently to grow and mature and open themselves up. So when they meet again it's as different people than who they were the last time they saw each other and maybe those past versions of themselves would never work out, but these new versions could.

I also like that Darcy legitimately believed he'd never see Lizzie again after her rejection. But that didn't matter, he worked to alter the behaviour she criticized - not because he believed that if he put in the time he'd EARN Lizzie, but because he saw that she was right about aspects of him - that he had flaws that he could fix with practice. He does it because it's the right thing to do, not so that he can show up and be like ‘I AM A CHANGED MAN, DO-OVER?’. It's a sign of respect to Lizzie’s opinions - opinions he hears and remembers even while being rejected and having his heart broken - he’s admitting that he’s not always right. When they DO meet again, it’s a surprise to them both. Then he lets her set the pace for their relationship from that point onward, never presuming to know her mind again.

6. Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship? (John/Cameron)
SERIOUS. LIKE, SO MANY SERIOUS FEELINGS. I mean, it's a ship that has a built in mutually assured self-destruction button. That’s not a metaphor, he is literally wearing the key to her destruction around her neck. Because she’s unstable and knows that he might need to protect himself from her again one day. Cameron decided that she was too dangerous to continue existing in the fashion that she had been, and that John was ahead of schedule, so she made a detonator out of a pocket watch and then FUCKING GAVE IT TO JOHN TO WEAR AS A NECKLACE. And his first response was ‘why would I want to kill you?’ not deactivate. not destroy. KILL. Because she is a person to him and not just a thing that only exists to follow its programming. And despite how up to this point in the season he has generally acted bitter and angry and rebellious and sullen towards her (his own way of distancing himself from his feelings for her), he still cannot bear the thought of her being dead or him having to be the one to cause it. And remember: he’s just this kid with so much weight and grief and horror on his shoulders; he has no idea how to handle this. If anything, Cameron’s trying to make the choice a little easier, because she knows she’s getting worse and the possibility is edging closer every day. There was a 51% chance she wouldn't have killed that bird; she’s not willing to take the same chances with John. FLAWED PEOPLE AND ROBOTS IN LOVE. (p.s. REMEMBER THAT TIME JOHN LEFT EVERYTHING HE KNEW, HIS MOTHER, HIS FUTURE (possibly the future of the human race since he would no longer be the leader he was destined to be) ALL TO FOLLOW A CYBORG TO THE FUTURE TO RESCUE CAMERON'S CHIP. Because while her body as in the present, that's not what he loves. He loves HER and she IS her chip. He keeps repeating HE'S GOT /HER/. AND SO HE JUMPS, NOT KNOWING WHERE HE'LL END UP, ON THE HOPE HE WILL FIND HER.)

7. How many times have you read/watched 10’s fandom? (Nine/Rose)
I've seen season one of Doctor Who about.....five times? Yeah, five. Which might not seem like a lot, but considering I've not re-watched any other season of Doctor Who in it's entirety it's a big deal. And it's not like I learn new things every time I watch my favourite episodes, (I had my shipper goggles on really early) but they're comforting and beautiful and funny and some of the best written television episodes I've ever seen. I also think that the overall arc of the season was SO WELL DONE. You have these beautiful standalone episodes (or what you think are standalone episodes) and then by the end the plan is unravelled and suddenly everything CONNECTS. It's beautiful.

8. Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page? (Nathan/Audrey)
Luckily, I don't have to as I follow some quality people who reblog everything for me. In fact, I don't really use tracked tags unless it's something REALLY rare (like the Spiritwalker Trilogy). But if you’re asking if I have about seventybillion drafts of unposted Haven tumblr posts, the answer is yes.

9. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage 8’s ship? (Richard/Kahlan)
YES. BLERG. Okay, first of all there is the whole 'magical sex powers that will ruin the quest/enslave Richard'. Which meant that at first KAHLAN was like 'we can't be together', after Richard's puppy-dog optimism and unwavering love starting to melt her defences, ZEDD hopped on the cock-blocking train. IT WAS AWFUL. Then Richard was sent to the FUTURE where Kahlan was DEAD and then Cara tried to get in on that. We also had Darken Rahl trying to keep them apart and the Sisters of the Light, who gave Richard that vision of Kahlan with a different Seeker and...just, like everyone we met was doing their best to keep those two at arms length. (Except for Chase's kids who were like "IS SHE YOUR GIIIIIIIRLFRIEND?" causing Richard and Kahlan to blush because they'd met about two days ago.) But the fans knew better. We knew they belonged together and as soon as Richard knew it, he worked to convince Kahlan and by the end the whole universe probably knew it as well. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

10. How many times, if ever, has 5 broken up? (Ben/Leslie)
Once. And it was sad but beautiful and heartbreaking but also love-affirming? Ben knows that Leslie cares so much about the possibility of being a City Council member and she’s been putting off talking to him so they can remain in the bubble they’ve created. But he knows how much her dream means to her - he’d probably seen that video of ten-year-old Leslie before she was even approached with the offer. So he makes her an electoral pin, sacrificing his happiness for Leslie’s career. (He then later quits two jobs for Leslie and I love that we were not shown the stereotypical grisled ‘career woman’ who just needs to lighten up with the love of a good man - instead, Leslie’s ambitions actually improve the lives of everyone around her!) No relationship is perfect, but the overall arc of Ben and Leslie is one of the best romance narratives on TV I have ever seen. It’s filled with mutual respect and longing and that glorious build-up to their first kiss. Then we get all of the adorable couple-moments without any of the drama of having them break up every week and they grow to love each other more and more and Leslie learns that she needs to actually listen to other people’s feelings instead of steam-rolling over them and Ben learns how to build something instead of cutting it, that there are people on the other end of his budget problems and is more compassionate because of it. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

11. Between 3 and 1, which ship has the most chemistry? (Nathan/Audrey vs Lizzie/Darcy)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. No. I refuse to answer. Because even though Nathan/Audrey have really ridiculously pretty canon kisses, the sizzling UST between Lizzie/Darcy is sometimes OFF THE CHARTS to the point where I'm staring dumbfounded at the screen wondering how they're both still wearing clothes. IT IS A TIE.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 2 or 8? (Clint/Natasha vs Richard/Kahlan)
Hmmm, as good as Clint and Natasha are as fighting as a team/watching each other's backs - Richard and Kahlan already have experience fighing a zombie horde? So they have an advantage of experience - also, swords and daggers never run out of ammo. HOWEVER, Clint and Natasha use long-range weapons, which would keep them safe from bites/infection for longer. I guess we have another tie? Both couples are extremely badass, trained fighters.

13. Did 7 ever have to hide their relationship? (Ned/Chuck)
A bit? I mean, at the very beginning, Ned was extremely worried for Chuck's safety AND that she might be recognized. So he tried to keep Chuck in his apartment all day. Luckily, she soon made him see things her way. They also had to hide their relationship from Chuck's aunts, but that was more due to hiding her EXISTENCE than the fact that they were a couple.

14. Is 4 still together? (Robin/Marian)
Okay, so you have a beloved and LEGENDARY couple. Their names are inextricably linked together, they have multiple movies about them, ONE OF THEM IS A DISNEY MOVIE! And one thing is always the same across all of the adaptations - Robin and Marian love each other/are married. So, of course, the best choice of action is to....KILL MARIAN???? I just don’t understand that thinking! Whatever, fuck canon, they are happily married in the forest, flirt-fighting and dashing the plans of wealthy baddies, (probs both getting off on the adrenaline so they rush back to their tree camp, leaving the merry men with the job of distributing the loot so they can have ~alone time)

15. Is 10 canon? (Nine/Rose)
YES. And I refuse to be told otherwise. It's a love story and I will fight you on this. You can see it more easily (and earlier) with Nine, how he breaks all his rules for her, how he has been alone for so long and this teenage girl opens him up and makes traveling fun and exciting. Hell, even a DALEK, could tell the Doctor was in love. I think it took Rose a little longer, there’s so much to wrap her head around when the whole of time and space is in your grasp. But the Doctor makes things personal, he fights for what he believes in and he tells her that she’s fantastic. They’re both flawed people, but in the end they both make the ultimate sacrifice for each other, for love.

Whoops, I just noticed that I skipped #6. I went from 5 to 7. LOL. Guess that explains why I didn't have enough room for Peter/Olivia.
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Reading this makes my heart feel full to bursting with love. I love that we are OTP buddies. <3

I also love your Very Specific Rules about Natasha/Clint fic because I have those too, and lol, remember when we were waiting for a streetcar last summer going "UGH, FUCK OFF, BUCKY!"

Good times. ;D