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viva la livejournal revolution

Good job, 12/12/12! You've revived one of my favourite websites (where I met so many friends!!!) and you had LJ doing everything in it's power to stop you (UGH, wtf are those new profile pages?)

For a second I thought this would be an entry where I would actually TALK! about STUFF! but no,
I am boring and below is my November-in-review list. I have all these THOUGHTS about Skyfall and BOND and HAVEN and HART OF DIXIE and ELEMENTARY. But, alas (earwax) tumblr came back too soon and I'll probably just let my feelings air out in a tag spiral under a gifset.

(BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER FOR ICONS AND FIC READING, LJ! At least I can always change the style so I'm reading fic on a white background. Sometimes with tumblr, I copy the entire thing into a word document because who can read blue words on a bright pink screen?)

Man on a Ledge
The King's Speech (rewatch)
John Carter (rewatch)
Mirror Mirror
Pride & Prejudice 2005 (rewatch)
The Fast & The Furious (YES, this was my first time watching this movie)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
The Mindy Project
Happy Endings
New Girl
Modern Family
Hart of Dixie
Parks and Recreation
Go On
30 Rock

The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts
Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Bertoll
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (re-read)

I am done almost all of my Christmas shopping but the Christmas party I'm hosting is drawing near and I'm slowly getting more anxious? I just want everything to be perfect?
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FAKE TEXTING! (It's super important.) I really need to move some icons over here. I could fill up on LBD icons! That would be aaarrrrsum.

But, alas (earwax) tumblr came back too soon and I'll probably just let my feelings air out in a tag spiral under a gifset.

This is, btw, the best sum-up of tumblr I've ever seen.

I'm looking forward to your Christmas party! Although a little worried that this cold that has sprung upon me this morning may prevent my attendance. But I'll endeavour to begin convalescing right now!

(When did I start writing like Mr. Collins speaks? Has LJ[/DW] returned my verbal long-windedness to me? OH RAPTUROUS DAY!)
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[personal profile] hjea 2012-12-13 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)

Isn't it funny how we can make gifs of a scene 20 minutes after it airs, but we've really lost the knack for making 40x40 squares of little beauties. Usage dictates need, I guess!

I do feel pretty lousy this morning, but I do hope it's just a quick bug. I mean, I'm clearly well enough to be chatting away happily here. ;) And I've got until Saturday and the incentive of a hot toddy to jolly me along. ;) WHEE.
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LOL, I have not got out of this bed except to get more water. Work is not happening today. And considering how I'm the 2nd person this week to get this bug, they do not want me around. ;)


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Oh lawd you're right. WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE PROFILE PAGES? D: LJ is the worst, but god knows I'll never leave as long as I can reach you guys through it <3

(I think 2013 will be the year to let my paid LJ sub go. I refuse to support design this misdirected!)

You must post pics of your Christmas party because it will be fabulous!

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It's like they're TRYING to drive people away. I let my userpic expansion go and while I sometimes miss all my icons, I just wasn't commenting enough to warrant paying for them.

I will endeavour to do my best! When I'm hosting I have the terrible habit of running around making sure other people are having fun and not really enjoying myself. So I'm never in any photos of my own events.

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What's the "Liz Bennett Diaries"?!?!?!?!

I'm so sad that folks are leaving LJ to go to DW and Tumblr. Since I'm more of a words person, I don't understand the attraction of Tumblr. Gifs and images are pretty, but they don't TELL me anything and I feel like I lose the "conversation" feeling I get from message boards and blogs.

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Oh man, do you read things on Tumblr? That does sound like an impossible feat for which you should be proud.

Also, agreed on the new profile pages. WHAT IS GOING ON. CAN'T HANDLE CHANGE.