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adorable baby canadian show bingo (bonus if an ashmore twin's made an appearance)

1. So Saturday was spent packed at the convention centre with other sci-fi fans and it was so much fun and I'm already looking forward to next year! WARNING: pics have not been retouched or fixed up to look pretty. Also it's a pretty photo-heavy post.

In case anyone was still in doubt, Anna Silk is very pretty.

These pics are to help people who will remain nameless who might be teasing me with the idea of an epic 'Dyson And Lauren Are Bros' fic that they refuse to write. *cough*

Anna does this thing where she talks with her hands all the time (hence the blur)and it's quite adorable.

Kris would yell out "WE LOVE YOU, K.C. COLLINS!" every time someone on the cast teased him about something. He would get so flustered and embarrassed and it was so cute. At one point he asked everyone to stop because his cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much.

Zoie Palmer is HILARIOUS. Just quick, dry wit in an absolutely deadpan voice, but it never came across as mean or cutting. It was self-deprecating and she had me laughing out loud quite often.

She was also quite eloquent and brought up that the difference for Bo in her decision between Lauren and Dyson isn't a man vs. woman dynamic, but fae vs. human. I liked that quite a bit.

Here is my sole picture of Rachel Nicols, we were further back for this panel so it's blurry. The bearded dude next to her is Carlos.

The continuum panel was so unabashedly low-budget and Canadian that the cast SAT ON THE FLOOR to watch the FX special features video that gave a sneak peek into how they create the CGI world of the future. It looks like their S1 DVD's will have more than just scene selection!

2. I have FINALLY caught up with Warehouse 13! I have some metronome questions though because things do not make sense.

3. Gravity Falls is super cute! I really love Mabel Pine and Zeus and the town cops and Grunkle Stan's reaction that one time he watched a historical romance on TV. Everyone should watch it!

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