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adorable baby canadian show bingo (bonus if an ashmore twin's made an appearance)

1. So Saturday was spent packed at the convention centre with other sci-fi fans and it was so much fun and I'm already looking forward to next year! WARNING: pics have not been retouched or fixed up to look pretty. Also it's a pretty photo-heavy post.

In case anyone was still in doubt, Anna Silk is very pretty.

These pics are to help people who will remain nameless who might be teasing me with the idea of an epic 'Dyson And Lauren Are Bros' fic that they refuse to write. *cough*

Anna does this thing where she talks with her hands all the time (hence the blur)and it's quite adorable.

Kris would yell out "WE LOVE YOU, K.C. COLLINS!" every time someone on the cast teased him about something. He would get so flustered and embarrassed and it was so cute. At one point he asked everyone to stop because his cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much.

Zoie Palmer is HILARIOUS. Just quick, dry wit in an absolutely deadpan voice, but it never came across as mean or cutting. It was self-deprecating and she had me laughing out loud quite often.

She was also quite eloquent and brought up that the difference for Bo in her decision between Lauren and Dyson isn't a man vs. woman dynamic, but fae vs. human. I liked that quite a bit.

Here is my sole picture of Rachel Nicols, we were further back for this panel so it's blurry. The bearded dude next to her is Carlos.

The continuum panel was so unabashedly low-budget and Canadian that the cast SAT ON THE FLOOR to watch the FX special features video that gave a sneak peek into how they create the CGI world of the future. It looks like their S1 DVD's will have more than just scene selection!

2. I have FINALLY caught up with Warehouse 13! I have some metronome questions though because things do not make sense.

3. Gravity Falls is super cute! I really love Mabel Pine and Zeus and the town cops and Grunkle Stan's reaction that one time he watched a historical romance on TV. Everyone should watch it!

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Glad you managed to get in to both panels you wanted to see! As long as the crowds aren't too overwhelming fan expo can be a good time (but I still prefer smaller cons). I wish I had not needed to work saturday so I could have gone as those panels were two of the few things I was really interested in this year. I sat right up front for Amanda Tapping's panel though, so I guess my Fan Expo venture was a success.

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I've not been to any other cons, so I didn't have anything to compare it to except for the stories I've heard about the long lines and large crowds at Comic Con. I have social phobia, so I'm NOT good with crowds, but I just took my pills, took breaks away from people and since we spent a lot of time saving seats/sitting down (and avoided the exhibition floor), it wasn't too overwhemling for me until the end of the day when I knew I needed to go home and nap from mental exhaustion.

I missed Amanda Tapping (what day was that?), but caught the very end of the Kate Mulgrew Q&A session and she's quite funny! It's too bad you worked on Saturday, we could have met up!

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Years and years ago when fan expo was a lot smaller and less crowded I used to have a pretty good time, then a couple years back the lines and capacity issues were so bad I swore I'd never return (and I only did because my friend had an extra dealer's badge). It doesn't help that I go to conventions with my disabled best friend and Fan Expo has no accessibility policies for lineups and stuff, so it's really hard on her. But it was a booth at fan expo way back when that introduced me to Polaris which is the convention where I feel totally relaxed and at home and non-anxious (so unlike fan expo for me). I was on the planning committee for last year's Polaris, and I may be on it again for the Doctor Who con they're planning for next year. I love the social aspect of cons; meeting other people who love what I love as much as I do, having crazy discussions about every little thing I love or hate in scifi/comics/fantasy, nerd parties (board games, drinks, and rock band), but I don't like it too crowded or crazy (and my dog can come to Polaris with me to keep me chill).

Amanda Tapping was the end of Sunday. I would have gone home at like noon, after I had seen the Frankenweenie exhibit and spent my budgeted $20 if it hadn't been for her thing at 4. It was worth staying though, she seemed really intelligent and kind, and was well spoken and funny too (plus Sanctuary and SG1 were awesome shows).

I like meeting online people :) Maybe one day the stars will align and we'll be able to hang out. (I do work for a movie theatre, so if you ever need a free movie maybe you can hit me up).

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I'm glad that you had an okay time on Sunday! I've heard of the name Polaris in passing, but don't really know what it is.

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It's a smaller, fan run convention (I worked in the Accessibility department for example). 5-7 actor guests, an author or three, and a lot of people really passionate about fandom. There's a lot of programming geared towards meeting and talking with other fans as well as just shopping in a dealers room and getting autographs or pics with guests. It's lots of fun. The next event isn't till Nov 1-3 2013 though, and instead of being multifandom it will be a celebration of all things Doctor Who. Should be fun for Who fans (which I am) at least (and maybe for others too depending on the crossover appeal of the guests they end up signing).

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1. YOU COULD NOT POSSIBLY MEAN ME, COULD YOU? Ahaha if season 3 doesn't air until 2013 like they keep threatening, then maybe I will actually find the time to get it done.

2. DID YOU SEE LAST NIGHT'S? So many questions. Claudia! Myka and her feelings! Going back to old artifacts in new ways which is my favourite!

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1. Of course not, you are too nice a person to be as cruel as the person I'm describing!

2. I have seen it and I was left in a puddle of Myka feelings! She's supposed to be the more observant aka logical one of the team, but she feels sympathy for lost children and connects with the girl when remembering what it was like to be trapped in that mirror.

My main Claudia question did Marcus constantly die without Sikes feeling the effects? Even if Sikes wasn't the one who used the metronome to bring him back to life, the person who did would still have fallen five stories and been shot three times.

I'm not really that interested in Artie (and after the monks fucked with his life so much, I'm surprised he's kept his promise of never telling anyone the truth, b/c I'd be like "screw them" and get help!). I wish that the group meeting at the end had included Leena because if everyone pooled their information, they'd figure stuff out faster and she knows so much, she's such an untapped resource. I'm also surprised the monks are okay with returning to a world without hope - I hope Artie explained that bit, as it's quite important.

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Maybe they did feel the effects. Or maybe they just died permanently the first time he was fatally wounded.

Some others and I are convinced that the monks haven't really appeared since the timeline switch, and Artie's actually just doing the Tyler Durden thing - or if you haven't seen that movie or read the book, Artie's hallucinating Brother Adrian, while doing all the stuff he's blaming Brother Adrian for and forgetting about it.

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Whoa, that's a neat theory! It explains why there are no security breaches recorded in the Warehouse. I was thinking that HG was the person Artie called to collect the dagger. It's really the only explanation I can think of for why she's been absent from the show for so long.
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They all look so ADORABLE! I'm glad you guys had a great time! (even without me ;D)


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Aw, we missed you, but I'm sure you had fun with ol' Billy Shakespeare! If you had come, then there would be three knitters to my one craft-challenged self!

Random: the weirdest AU popped into my head this morning. It was Clint/Tasha set during Iron Man 2 BUT IT WAS THE FIFTIES. So Natasha had to go undercover as a student intern IN A POODLE SKIRT and Clint knew not to laugh or she'd break his arm. He showed up one day in a letterman jacket and suspenders and took her out to lunch to debrief her. But, uh.......that's all I got.
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Warehouse 13 is one of my faves... absolutely love that show.

I want to watch "Lost Girl" but cannot find the first season anywhere for free. VERY annoying.

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Me too! Such a funny show that somehow had the ability to break my heart. I was in tears at the end of both "Emily Lake" and "Last Stand".

If you go to the Showcase website, you should be able to stream all of the episodes online. It's SUCH a good show, it really hits it's stride in the second season and has a bunch of the classic tropes like BODYSWAP BEER and MAGIC STRIPPERS and AMNESIA WEDDINGS and of course the main character has SEX POWERS. Plus it's charmingly Canadian at times, which is my weak spot.